January 29, 2017


We recently completed a renovation of our bar and kitchen areas to better serve our customers, and as always, working with a historic building brings such joys and challenges. We were overwhelmed to see the gorgeous heart pine floors lurking beneath years of wear and tear and busy feet. The original floors from the mid-nineteenth century were gorgeous, and though it was tempting to leave them unstained, cooler heads prevailed, and the smooth finish of both the upstairs and the main dining room area leave me extremely happy with the result...

Discovering the tile in the bar area from the barber shop that used to be in the same space in the 50's was another dear treat...sweet hexagons of blue and white in a traditional pattern, and yet again, the years of wear and multiple surfaces that had been placed on it left the tile unable to be saved, although attempts were made.

Many folks have asked why we undertook such a big project with no real demanding reason, and the answer is multifold...we both needed more refrigeration space to handle a growing customer base (thank you, Wilmington!!), and I wanted to show my hometown a commitment to our city and our desire to stay current and welcoming as long as the Port City will have us (thank you, Wilmington!!!).

We have much to be thankful for here, including the many locals who make us their destination several times a week, the wedding parties who can celebrate and break bread with us, the passersby who pop in for a drink and a celebration of their vacation, and the many happy faces of our wonderful town. The new look is for you all, and many many heartfelt thanks for the nine years we have enjoyed here so far!!